My Plastic Peg Peeve

Does anyone else hate plastic pegs? I have been in a battle with these little devils for a few months now. Every time I approach the washing line, I cringe at the sounds of breaking pegs, pieces of plastic flying in every direction. My outdoor area is a plastic war zone. Not to mention stepping on the sharp so-and-so’s lying around and my toddler thinking they are food…


So, I have been meaning to purchase some stainless steel pegs. Finally, I got around to it last week. I purchase mine from Biome. I purchased one bag, as I still have a basket full of plastic pegs that are slowly but surely breaking. If I am really serious about reducing the plastic waste in my home; and be more sustainable, I feel like its counter-intuitive to toss all my perfectly good plastic ones in the bin.


I have been on holidays for the past couple of days since I bought these pegs, so today will be washing day and I will try them out. When discussing with others about the switch, the question came up about whether they would get hot on an outside line (especially in an Australian summer). I will test this out today and see. We are in Autumn currently, but the days are still around 20-30 Degrees Celsius (86F).

It really is the small things that lead to big changes when it comes to being Eco-Concious.

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Jodi x. (The Smallest Things)