My Baby Shower

Over on my Instagram page, there are a lot of beautiful ladies currently pregnant and looking for Baby Shower inspo. So I thought I would share some snippets from my shower.

I had a small  gathering in my backyard with my closest girlfriends and it was such a lovely morning. I had decided on a little boy blue theme and asked all my friends to dress in something blue. So in the end we had mostly a blue, gold and white colour scheme. I decorated our ugly hills hoist (washing line) with all our cute baby clothes and doilies, hung bunting and had heaps of fresh flowers! I also had an amazing girl gang who helped me organise it all!

We had a breakfast buffet with delicious food, a Mimosa and Juice bar (for the lucky non-pregnant people) and some activities.

I was absolutley against doing clique Baby shower games! I didn’t want my guests to sniff the fake poo nappy, or blindfold baby food eating….So much cheese associated with Baby Showers.

So I had the guests make Alphabet cards and draw pictures beginning with the letter, each guest made birth affirmation posters for me, they wrote cards with notes of encouragement about becoming a mum and we also did guess the baby details: name, height, weight, and hair colour (we did this as we were certain we would have a red head!)


I had given our guests a list of things for baby that we still needed and we were so blessed by our gifts!

I definitely kept it minimal, and totally ME! Which is what I was going for.

Jodi xx


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