A Journey of Intention

My husband and I decided in a effort to streamline our entertainment and also minimise clutter in our home,  that we would get rid of all our DVD’s and Blurays and invest in digital copies on Google Play.


At first, this really appealed to my minimalist/de-clutter brain! I couldn’t wait to jump right in. I pulled out four bags of DVD’s and Blurays and left very little in the two cupboards. *confession* I couldn’t part with my Gilmore Girls box-set… We have too many memories, the Girls and I. Once I had purged my overflowing tv unit shelves, I was struck with the thought; “What will I do with all of these?”. I wondered if they would be worth anything or whether to just donate them.


My husband had traded some gaming consoles through a company that also trades DVDs and Blurays, so I thought this would be a great way to rid our lives of needless clutter. However, I looked on their website and I was shocked to see that they offered so little per item. In most cases, 10c. I suppose in some ways I was a little naive to think I would get a bit more, considering DVD’s in particular are now considered “old technology”.


So with this in mind, I put up an Instagram poll and almost unanimously people voted to sell them.

I have managed to sell off a few of hubby’s anime Blurays without too much hassle. The guy I sold them to actually told me I was selling another for nowhere near enough and that I should bump up the price. (Who knew… Not me…). But I have had limited (read NO) success with Gumtree or FB marketplace. A few interested but no one keen to pick up or pay a little more for postage. I have been meaning to upload them to Ebay and will do that in the next few days.

We took a stack (30 +) of DVD’s in to the trade store and ended up with $24. Whhhaaaattt!?


So, what have I learnt from this little endeavour. It would be easy to say- I have learnt that it’s a huge hassle, people will haggle you to within an inch of your life, you wont get much buck for your bang and while all this is true. I feel like there is a deeper lesson.

It was my husband who first clued me in to the lesson I was learning. After being handed $24 for our hoard, I grumbled to him about how little we got back. To which he replied, Yeah, but wasn’t it your intention to get rid of clutter?” I was taken aback. Oh that’s right” (Husband right again… but I won’t tell him that) “That was my intention. It was never to make money.”

Image result for intention quote

It was important for me to learn to focus on the intention of my de-cluttering and minimalism. And if that brings in some extra cash, well all the better. But first and foremost, it is about freeing up space in my home and head. Getting rid of things that no longer bring joy, so that I have space for the things that do. That was my intention. That is always my intention.

So, I am learning to be open to the journey that minimising our lives will take us on. No matter how that journey plays out or how much money we make from it, we will have more space in our home, our lives, our heads and our hearts.

Jodi x


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